A moment of zen

This month wrapped up the very last assignment for Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Bootcamp class. We were tasked with creating a piece of art concerning our favorite beverage. There were no restrictions on size, style, medium, or market. The only request was that we make something we would want for ourselves or to give to a friend. My beverage of choice was tea. Every morning, I like to start my day with tea.


Looking back over the past several months, I've noticed that I've stepped away from doing strictly vector art. I know this has been a direct result of taking the Make Art That Sells courses and experimenting with getting my hands dirty with ink, watercolor, and such. I've quite enjoyed taking a vacation from working over my pencil sketches with Adobe Illustrator's pen tool.

I enjoyed this month's assignment so much, I made a series of illustrations of various types of teas. Oh, what will I do now that Bootcamp is over? Actually, I'm signed up for another round of Make Art That Sells in the Fall; it doesn't have to end! Plus, yesterday, I registered for Lilla's Global Talent Search as well. If you're an artist, won't you join me? There's still a little time to enter.