Picking Up the (Apple) Pencil Again

I've struggled in the past to bond with truly digital tools such as the iPad and Apple Pencil. There's nothing like the feel and connection I get with an actual pencil and paper. This week though, we've had company at our house and I decided to give these digital tools another chance out of necessity. While I did cheat in that my original sketches were in pencil and scanned in, I worked over them in Procreate with the Apple Pencil. I had fun downloading new brushes and making a color palette. I've only briefly used the program before on a couple of occasions but never felt compelled to try them more. I'm glad I tried again because it was fun to use!

The reason behind these sketches is I'm taking another Make Art that Sells Bootcamp online class. I do enjoy the creative vibes and friendly community within the group. These sketches were for the initial mini and involved drawing items inside our bags/purses.


I've been carrying around Baker Creek's most recent catalog. The photography is beautiful and it's a treasure trove of unique heirloom seeds. I recommend checking them out for all of your seed needs for planting.