Erica lives in a southern town in California where almost all the days are sunny and not a cloud exists in the sky. Her two little boys keep her busy during the day running to fun destinations or playing games, or concocting interesting new cooking feats in the kitchen. At night after their bedtime, Erica heads to her studio to sketch, to paint, to use her computer, or simply to daydream. While she’s not doing the above, she’s reading fantasy novels or often watching sci-fi action movies and dreaming of being in a different place and different time. She also thinks having a repeating Groundhog Day (like Bill Murray) would be a swell thing to happen as she’d get lots of work done, and maybe lots of reading, or even learn how to fly an airplane, survive in the wilderness, and write and make music.

Erica has a split art-making personality. Dark, mysterious and spiritual art on the one hand fascinates her. On the other hand, vintage and retro character art of the mid century makes her smile. She has come across the realization that life is too short not to try and merge her likes and passions together into her unique style, which she is continuing to learn and evolve (not without the help of many wonderful e-courses of which she is somewhat addicted to taking).

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