Know Thyself

Bootcamp 2018 Feb Mood board.jpg

Mood board of images for color and mood inspiration.


Pen and ink sketches and simple watercolor.

EricaHite_Bootcamp_February 2.png

Arranging drawings and such together.


Final cover above and alternate idea below.

Know Thyself Snake

An Imagined J.K. Rowling Book Cover


This assignment involved imagining what could be in J.K. Rowling's purse and to incorporate it all into a children's book cover. Since I didn't have access to my usual art materials, I sketched in pencil and drew everything in Procreate. I had fun learning how to use different software, but I did miss working with my hands more and using Photoshop. I can see the fun with using both the ipad and the computer on various projects in the future.

JK Cover sketch

Picking Up the (Apple) Pencil Again

I've struggled in the past to bond with truly digital tools such as the iPad and Apple Pencil. There's nothing like the feel and connection I get with an actual pencil and paper. This week though, we've had company at our house and I decided to give these digital tools another chance out of necessity. While I did cheat in that my original sketches were in pencil and scanned in, I worked over them in Procreate with the Apple Pencil. I had fun downloading new brushes and making a color palette. I've only briefly used the program before on a couple of occasions but never felt compelled to try them more. I'm glad I tried again because it was fun to use!

The reason behind these sketches is I'm taking another Make Art that Sells Bootcamp online class. I do enjoy the creative vibes and friendly community within the group. These sketches were for the initial mini and involved drawing items inside our bags/purses.


I've been carrying around Baker Creek's most recent catalog. The photography is beautiful and it's a treasure trove of unique heirloom seeds. I recommend checking them out for all of your seed needs for planting.


The holidays are coming

I'm amazed November is nearly over! This past week, I decided to wrap up some ornament patterns that were nearly finished. Recently, I purchased some printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy. I printed my stitching guides onto it (the guides will be included in the pattern ebook) and started using it today and love it! I'm so happy a product like this exists! While tracing onto dissolvable stabilizer is easy enough, I can work even quicker this way. Plus, I don't have to pin the small pieces of felt down!


The stabilizer peels away easily from the paper backing and there's a lightly sticky (but repositionable) back to it.


I layered up my felt pieces onto the stabilizer in reverse order. My printed lines showed me where to place the felt pieces and the sticky surface held them in place.


After the mitten is flipped over, you can see all of the felt layers held nicely in place. All I need to do is stitch on the lines with embroidery floss and finish putting it all together.

In other news, a bundle I opted in to join a couple of months back is now live at Ultimate Bundles. I packaged three ornament ebooks together (the Nordic set, the lumberjack set, and the retro set) and gave it a new spiffy cover for the Handmade with Love 2017 bundle.

I was able to download and look at all the materials in the bundle, and I have to say it's such a great deal as you get quite a large amount of patterns, projects, and step-by-step tutorials (over 200!) in a lot of topics like quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, etc. In the past, I've purchased the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Collection, and the Ultimate Photography Bundle. Sometimes they have a free Craftsy class included in the bundles and this time they do again. The bundle only sells for a week though, until Monday, December 4th. These are just a few of the many ebooks and ecourses included.*

On a side note, you can still find my fabric collections, Mouse Camp and Nursery Rhymes, in quilt shops or online.


*Please note that the links for the Handmade with Love Bundle is an affiliate link. I don't actually make any money on my bundle ebook unless someone uses this link. But seriously, bundles are a great way to get lots of goodies in a very affordable way and this one contains great resources for making gifts for friends, family, or yourself.

Oh, and one more important thing... if you are a designer, illustrator, or artist (even a budding one) Sabina at Design Garden is offering her Winter Trends class again and it starts today. I signed up and the material looks fantastic just from looking at week 1!

I'll probably post with an update when my newest ornament pattern set will be available, but if you don't check back here in the near future, happy holidays!


I thought it might be fun to hang an ax on antlers and why not throw a random sock and hat on there as well?

The above was my finished set of ornaments, as well as the image for the etsy pattern for the ornaments on etsy.