Trends Workshop with Design Garden

If you've been following my blog, you might remember when I reviewed the Hand Drawn Vector Graphics class with Design Garden. Earlier this year, I took another great class with Sabina, Trends Workshop. This class greatly inspired me to dive deeper into surface pattern design, and I even submitted some of my class assignments to Uppercase Magazine's Surface Pattern Design Guide issue.

This trends class was more intense and produced more projects in the four weeks that it ran than Sabina's foundational class, Hand Drawn Vector Graphics. Please note that I took the live class rather than the self-study option that is offered now. If you want a lengthy review, here's a breakdown of the four weeks, or scroll down for the pictures. ;)

  • Week 1: Trends Class Intro and Borders and Brushes
    • Lecture video that goes over the class structure; trends in general and how to use them to make your work different, stand out, and be aware and current; the trends provided in class via pdf; and the design sets you'll make in class
    • You get a big juicy ebook pdf of selected trends to pull from, some inside info on what certain customers look for when buying clip art, as well as clip art subject matter suggestions and color ideas for each trend
    • A video tutorial in Illustrator where Sabina shows how to make pattern borders and brushes
    • The first assignment pdf (to complete a clip art set) which helps guide you through all the steps to create your set, including research and mixing trends and influences
  • Week 2: Patterns
    • A tutorial video on making patterns using the old school method as well as using Adobe Illustrator's new pattern tool
    • Assignment 2 pdf, to make a clip art set with patterns
    • Bonus material (shh, it's a secret) for those that finish assignments and post progress with classmates
    • A Q&A session where the assignment, trends, and any questions are discussed, and a recorded video of the chat
  • Week 3: Wreaths
    • A video tutorial showing Sabina's method of making a wreath, step-by-step. She even shows her initial reference sketches and inked drawings before she draws her wreath concept and creates it in Illustrator.
    • Assignment 3 pdf, to make a clip art set with a wreath focus
    • Bonus material earned from finished assignments and progress posts
    • A Q&A session and a recorded video posted soon after
  • Week 4: Diverse Set
    • A wonderful video showing Sabina design process while she creates a clip art set (clip art, wreath, brushes, and pattern), from the initial research and mood board phase, to sketches, through to completion on the computer
    • Assignment 4 pdf
    • Testimonial on credly for those that have fully participated in the class
    • A Q&A session and recorded video

I've got to say one of the best things about Sabina's class is that she asks you to do your research properly and take a deliberate and design-centered approach. If you have experience with graphic design, or want to know more about graphic design, sell art to graphic designers, or how to merge illustration work with design, her classes are probably unlike anything out there and would definitely appeal to you.

One thing I greatly recommend while taking the class is to jot down notes while watching the videos. There isn't as much typed out content as in the Foundational Class. Instead, there are videos to watch, great assignment pdfs (with some useful reference links and information) that you can use as a guide for future projects, and a trend pdf. Something like Evernote might be useful to store your pdfs and class notes in a specific notebook.

To see some of my work from the class, please scroll down to see selected sketches, inked drawings, and some finished art. =)

This pattern made it into Uppercase Magazine's Surface Pattern Design Guide!

This pattern made it into Uppercase Magazine's Surface Pattern Design Guide!

Some various pencil sketches.

On a wonderful side note, Sabina asked me if I was interested in selling some patterns and such on The Ink Nest, her fabulous online shop for clip art and patterns. I will post more on that when it comes to fruition! I hope you enjoyed the review.