Make Art That Sells: May Bootcamp

May's assignment from Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells Bootcamp this month was an editorial illustration for an article on meditation. The mini on the other hand was all about drawing dolls, even Lilla's Ken doll. Funny, but I kept seeing my husband in Ken, even in other classmates' drawings. Scroll down for a laugh at my Ken. =)

Because I was incredibly short on time for the assignment, I challenged myself to complete it anyway, with a few hours to concept, sketch, quickly ink and watercolor, and then scan and assemble it in the computer. It was hard for me to post this concept in the gallery as it isn't a style I have much experience with. But it came to me in a pinch, and came naturally, and I love it. Even if no one ends up liking it, I don't care. I do. Does it look like me and that I made this? Quite often, someone tells me they can tell when a piece is mine, be it paint or pixel, but I don't see that as clearly because I'm experimenting a lot of the time. I'm not ready to settle down and hit repeat again and again on what works yet. I still want to grow. Unless someone in the biz tells me that one direction will garner more results. Then I'd go with it and run with it until my legs give out.

My rough pencil idea.

I decided the flower at the bottom looked like legs and other things, so I took them and the circle above out.

Some ink bits and refined (and spelled properly) lettering.

And now for some funny ink sketches of Lilla's dolls. See there, that's my husband on the right.


Part of the mini challenge was using different materials, and so I gave watercolor pencils a whirl. I've had them for many years and haven't used them. Why on Earth not? Doesn't Ken look sweet? And the colors are wild.

And now some pencil sketches. I kind of like how the upper left three turned out. I tried to portray their eyes like flowers and keep their features more geometric. Some of their features inspired my final illustration.

Ink drawings from dolls this time. And that about wraps it up.