Because I couldn't help myself

Since I took Part A & B of the Make Art that Sells ecourse, a wonderful offer was presented to previous students to take it again at a greatly discounted price. I had already signed up for the stellar class that would be during the same time from Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton, Module 4: Building Your Portfolio (more on that in a bit), but I couldn't resist the siren call of more fun assignments. I worked very fast in the class this time around so I could juggle the other class and other projects.

This second time around with Part A, I took the opportunity to experiment with adding more handmade elements and textures. Being familiar with the content of the class and assignments, I felt less pressure or cramped for time; it was simply a joyful experience.

Children's Books


A tiny rough thumbnail and larger sketch to scan and work off of.


I left out the smiling sun as it ended up competing with the focal point - the fox.

Bolt Fabric


Pen and ink drawings


Pyrex and other kitchen tools


A style variation in vector for the same theme

Pencil sketches

After a suggestion from Zoe Ingram in the class, I did a quick mix-up of the two concepts. It needs some tweaking, but I like where it's going!

Home Decor

I received very valuable feedback on these plates from Lilla that I'm looking forward to implementing, such as changing up and varying the amount of art on the plates and making them a bit more diverse.

Pen and ink


Wall Art

I used all handmade parts for these two pieces, including pen and ink, watercolor, tissue, lace, and painted wood panel. Everything was assembled in Photoshop.

Ink drawings

Tissue collage of Earth

Some ink and watercolor bits

Part B of the course starts later this year in October. There's still time to sign up! I definitely recommend it. Great opportunities can happen as a result, not including the best benefit - making great art for your portfolio.